View Users' Invoices
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If you would like to view purchases made by your users, check out the Sales tab. You will see a preview of all purchases, but if you click on the invoice number, then you can view all the details concerning that purchase.

Within the detailed view of the invoices, you can refund a user or forgive a charge.

View All Invoices

To see all of your users' invoices, navigate to the Sales tab, then go to Invoices, and click on the invoice number to have a detailed view of each invoice.

View Specific User's Invoices

If you would like to see a specific user's invoice, navigate to the People tab, find the user you want to see the invoices for, and click Edit. Then go to the Payments tab, and click on the invoice number to have a detailed view.

You can also find a specific user's invoice under the Sales tab by using the Filters. If you already have the user's email, simply navigate on Filters, click on Add New Filter, and select Customer. Add the email of the user and click Search. All of the user's invoices will appear.

To know more about when users' charges are processed, check out our help guide.

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