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Giveaway Funnels(Formerly Leadzen)
Giveaway Funnels(Formerly Leadzen)

Build your email list and capture lead information for potential customers.

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Giveaway funnels help you build your email list and capture lead information for potential customers. Through a landing page and a series of automated emails, you can give free access to a piece of your premium content in exchange for leads giving you their email.

When you use Giveaway funnels, you'll be able to drive more users to your site and once these leads have enjoyed your content, they'll be much more likely to become paying subscribers—especially with a discounted offer! When creating an offer, the discount given will only be applied to the first month of the subscription.

NOTE: Giveaway funnels attempt to convert your leads into subscribers. It will still send automated emails if users have access to the content with another method, such as one-time purchases, freebies, or rentals (including bundles).

Setting up a Giveaway funnel

Navigate to Marketing and select Giveaway funnels

Click on the blue New Giveaway button to get started.

Follow the form prompts to select a free piece of premium, published content to grant leads in exchange for their email address. Your leads will have access to this for as long as you have your Giveaway funnel up and running.

Next, select the subscription you'd like to encourage these leads to sign up for, along with a discount amount. For the funnel to work, you must give a discount on the subscription plan you are offering.

Feel free to change the email template bodies as you see fit—just do not remove the discount variable.

Once you Save this, you'll see a popup with the link to your new Giveaway funnel.

Export Email Addresses

Once your funnel is up and running, you can see your leads by clicking the 3 vertical dots next to the funnel in question, then select Download CSV.

This is also where you can Stop the funnel, Copy link (to distribute), or Delete the funnel if you are absolutely sure you no longer want to offer it or have access to any of its data.

How Your Leads See Your Giveaway Funnel

Once you distribute your link, your link visitors will see a clear prompt to do one thing to gain free access: enter their email address.

Once your lead enters their email address, they will automatically be directed to the video page of that content for immediate access.

From here, if the lead does not convert to a subscriber, then the automation you set up for this particular funnel will kick in to offer the discount you entered for the subscription you selected.


Can I customize how my Giveaway funnel page appears to my leads?

While the 'Get free access' button color inherits from the Primary color that you set for your site, beyond this, further customization options are not readily available. If this is important to you, please do let our Product Team know what exactly you'd like to be able to customize here.

I have feedback or requests for additional functionality - where can I share it?

Please do let us know! We'd love to hear from you. Here's how you can submit this feedback directly to our Product Team.

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