Gift Cards Overview
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Gift Cards are a great way for your users to gift your content to their friends and family. To access the Gift Cards tool, navigate to the Marketing tab, and click on Gift Cards.

When someone buys or redeems a gift card, you can see who has made the purchase and who has redeemed it. If a gift card was purchased but was not redeemed, then you will be able to see the code—in case the buyer loses the code and reaches out to recover it. If the gift card was redeemed, then you can undo it to revoke access.

Gift Cards can be purchased right from your storefront in any amount, but you can also provide some recommended amounts to be purchased. Suggested values are super handy if you want to encourage purchases for yearly subscriptions or six-month subscription plans.

Gifting is automatically enabled on all checkout forms, and users purchasing a regular subscription will be asked if they would like to buy the subscription as a gift.

NOTE: Gift Cards are only accessible to users if you are using Stripe in your store.

You also have access to a shareable gift card URL that can be sent to any user interested in purchasing one. The URL is:


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