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How Users Experience the Abandoned Cart Process
How Users Experience the Abandoned Cart Process
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When the Abandoned Cart automation is created, users who begin the checkout process, but do not complete their order, will be first sent a reminder to finish the checkout and then offered a discount to encourage them to complete the order.

To receive the abandoned cart discount, users must enter their name, email, and password. The email will be triggered if they make it to the last page of checkout (billing information), but do not complete the purchase.

How to Redeem the Discount

When the user decides to apply the discount offered, a user must log in to their Uscreen account with the same email address and password with which they began the sign up process.

If the user goes to their cart by clicking on the first reminder email, they will not have a discount for their order. Only after the second eail will they have the discount applied to their cart.

To use the discount, the user will need to access your site through the email. Once they click on Claim My Discount, they will be taken to the sign in page to continue the checkout.

Once clicked, a new tab will open taking the user directly to the checkout page. The abandoned cart coupon will be listed and the subtotal updated.

Users will enter their payment information and click Complete.

Abandoned Cart Emails

Here's an example of the series of emails your abandoned cart users will receive:

Email 1

Email 2

Email 3

NOTE: If a user closes out their session before clicking on Complete, the discount will become invalidated.

The abandoned cart discount offer is valid for 24 hours after the final email is sent to the user. After the 24 hours, if a user tries to redeem the offer, they will see a notice on the screen that the offer is not valid.

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