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Send Marketing Emails and Newsletters with Uscreen Features and Integrations
Send Marketing Emails and Newsletters with Uscreen Features and Integrations

Explore the options to create and run email newsletters with Uscreen's internal features and third-party integrations.

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Email marketing is an essential part of subscription businesses. Creating an email newsletter helps you increase the understanding and knowledge of your services among your audience. Combined with automation, it improves retention and nurtures leads.

Besides our marketing automation features, such as Abandoned Cart emails, we recommend other types of marketing emails:

  • Nurturing Campaigns and Newsletters for Active Subscribers and Trials

  • Promotional Campaigns for Leads (Never subscribed)

  • Upgrade Incentives for Active Subscribers

  • Winback Campaigns for Former Subscribers

NOTE: Our marketing team publishes valuable information about this in our blog, with over 100 blog posts about email marketing. Nevertheless, this help guide will cover the technical side of setting up and executing your email marketing strategy.


Email Marketing with Uscreen Automations

Uscreen's Email Automations are out-of-the-box features that help you generate leads, nurture your audience, and win back churned clients.

Giveaway funnels

Our Giveaway funnels feature is a lead magnet funnel that helps you acquire leads and build email lists by giving away your content.

When you create a Giveaway funnel, the system will send these emails automatically:

  • New leads receive the first email right away to welcome and provide them a link to the free content, which they can access later.

  • If users did not purchase a subscription with the incentive displayed during the email capture step, they would receive the second email with a special discounted price for their first invoice. You can set a delay in days before sending this email.

  • If they haven't subscribed after the second email, the system will send the last email reinforcing the previous email and creating urgency about the limited-time offer. You can also set a delay before sending this email.

Abandoned Cart

With our Abandoned Cart feature, you can set up email automation to encourage users to complete their orders.

  • Users who abandoned the cart without completing the purchase receive the first email 15 minutes after we confirm the user hasn't completed their checkout. This email reminds them to finish their checkout but does not offer a discount.

  • If users did not complete the purchase after 6 hours, they would receive the second email with a special discounted price for their first invoice.

  • This final email is sent 24 hours after the previous email if they still haven’t completed their checkout, reinforcing the last email and creating urgency about the limited-time offer.

Reduce Churn

Some cancellations are imminent. However, the Reduce Churn feature helps you prevent some of them and collect feedback from your users. Before users cancel their subscription, they will fill a survey form and receive a discount on their next invoice if they wish to continue.

  • If users cancelled without accepting the discount, they would receive the first email immediately after confirming the cancellation. This email is different from the Subscription Cancellation Confirmation from the Email Templates.

  • The date when users request the cancellation and the date when it is effective may differ. The system sends the second email one day after users transition from the Pending Cancellation status to the Former Subscriber status.

Try Again For Free

After some users have cancelled their subscriptions on your store, you can try to win them back one more time with our Try Again For Free email automation.

This feature is available only on plans with a standard free trial period to prevent promotional abuse. You can only create one Try Again For Free email automation per subscription plan.

  • The first email is sent 30 days after the subscription ends (the last day their subscription is active). The Try Again For Free offer expires seven days after this email.

  • If the user did not accept the free trial period on the first email, the system sends the second email four days after the first one, reminding the user that the offer is still available but expires in 3 days.

MailChimp Integration

When using our integration with MailChimp, you can import contacts from Uscreen to send different types of email campaigns.

Regular Emails

It is the most common type of email that you can send with MailChimp. You can customize the content of your email and choose to send it immediately or schedule it.

Plain-text Emails

Lightweight emails that contain only text and have no formatting options.

A/B Testing

You can send multiple versions of the same campaign and track their performance. You can test different subject lines, from names, email content, and send times.

Automated emails

You can send automated emails based on events or dates, such as the user's sign-up date.

Drip Integration

Our integration with Drip offers the same functionalities as MailChimp. However, there are two additional features that they provide.

First, they allow you to resend the same email if it was not open within a specific timeframe.

They also save the Product ID of each invoice as tags, which you can use to send Segmented Campaigns.

Uscreen Email Broadcast update!

Uscreen Email Broadcast feature is now Live, you can visit it here

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