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How Customers Buy Gift Cards
How Customers Buy Gift Cards
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Gift cards have become a vital component of any online storefront. They offer customers the convenience of purchasing a gift for their loved ones without the hassle of searching for the perfect item. Not only does it increase customer engagement, but it also helps build customer loyalty and retention. Furthermore, offering gift cards can help you reach a wider audience, as customers can easily share them with their friends and family.

How Gift Cards are offered to your customers

Footer Navigation Menu

By default, all of our themes include a link to purchase a gift card in your footer navigation menu. We highly recommend that you leave this option available!

Regardless of whether a customer is logged in or logged out, they can scroll down to the end of any of your pages and click on Buy a gift card.

Direct URL

If you have personalized your storefront and removed the link from the footer, there is still a way for your customers to access the gift card page. By adding "/gift_cards/new" to your storefront URL (https://yourstorefrontURL/gift_cards/new), your customers will be directed to the gift card page.

Whenever you plan to offer gift cards to your customers, such as before the holidays, you can simply share this URL with them or use the link in a promotion on social media!

Once customers access the page, two different forms can appear:

  • If a customer is not logged in, they will see the form asking to enter their email.

    NOTE: This is important because the confirmation email will be sent to the email they enter.

  • If the customer is logged in, the email field will not be requested because your site will send the confirmation email to their existing email.

If you have added suggested gift card products, then those options will be displayed. Below is an example. of a subscription being offered as a gift card option, and you can also set bundles.

However, the customer can still choose how much they would like to gift by entering a value under the Custom Amount section.

Purchasing a Gift Card

  1. Access the gift card page and insert their email if not logged in (if logged in, then they'll start on step 2)

  2. Choose from one of the available Subscriptions and Bundles, or enter a Custom Amount

  3. Enter the Email Settings, the purchaser can add a personalized message and choose whether to send the email now or later.

  4. Add payment info under the Billing

  5. Click on Buy Gift Card

  6. Enter their password if not logged in (if the customer purchasing is new to your store, this step is skipped, and their login info will be sent to their email)

After buying the gift card, customers will be redirected to a confirmation page. They can print the redemption code, copy the code, or wait for the email that will also contain the code and further instructions concerning redemption. Read our help guide to know how to redeem gift cards.

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