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How Users Experience the Reduce Churn Offer
How Users Experience the Reduce Churn Offer
Updated over a week ago

When a Reduce Churn automation is enabled, users attempting to cancel their accounts will be asked to provide feedback on the reason for canceling and offered a discount to encourage them to keep their subscription.

NOTE: To prevent promotional exploitation, the Reduce Churn automation will not be triggered if a user was on trial or used a coupon to purchase a subscription plan.

When a user first cancels a subscription, they will encounter the feedback form to help them know why they are canceling. Then, the discount you have chosen will pop up to encourage them to remain.

If the user claims the discount, they'll get a confirmation page and then be redirected to the catalog:

If the user doesn't claim the discount, then the rest of the Reduce Churn automation kicks in. Users will receive a series of two automated emails with the discount you have set for the subscription.

The first email is received immediately upon canceling, while the second email goes out a day before the cancelation is finalized—which is the day before the next invoice is charged. If the user cancels on the last days of their active subscription, then they will not get the first email, only the second one.

Reduce Churn claimed offers will be displayed on the user's account. To view it, click on the People tab, and under the second People tab, find the user that claimed it, and click on Edit. Under the Access section, select Subscription.

The Reduce Churn coupon will be next to the plan's name within the parenthesis.

NOTE: For users to redeem this offer, they must be logged into their Uscreen account.

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