Android & iOS: Restore In-App Purchase
-If a user has an Active In-App Subscription but can't access content, Restore Purchase.
-In-App Subscriptions are linked to the Google Play or Apple ID Account on the device.
-The issues can be resolved by reactivating or restoring the In-App Purchase.

As the Admin, you should:
1: Verify In-App Subscription is Active (ask user to provide receipt-email/screenshot)
2: Provide User with steps to Restore Purchase

Android: Restore Purchase

1: Check Google Play & Subscription Status:

-Open Google Play on your device. Which Google Account is used?

-Tap Menu, then Subscriptions. Next billing date? Is subscription active?

-Select subscription you want to reactivate, then tap Restore.

2: Restore Purchase in the App:

-Tap Settings, Login, then Sign-In. Enter email/password.

-Make sure you're using the same Google Play email.

-Tap a Locked Video, then Get Access >Subscribe >Restore Purchase.

-Follow steps onscreen to complete the process.

iOS: Restore Purchase

1: Check Apple ID & Subscription Status: (depends on your device)
-Tap Settings, Your Name, then Subscriptions. Tap Subscription to view full details.
-Tap Settings, iTunes & App Store, then Apple ID, View Apple ID, Subscriptions.
-Which Apple ID is used? What's the next billing date? Subscription active?

2: Restore Purchase in the App:
-Tap Settings, then Logout. Select a video, then tap Get Access or Watch Now.


-Tap Sign-In. Enter email/password.
-Tap Settings, Billing, Subscribe, Restore Purchase. Enter password for Apple ID linked to device.


If you see SIGN-IN or SUBSCRIBE:
-Tap Subscribe, then Restore Purchase. Enter password for Apple ID linked to Subscription.
-Go to Settings, tap Login then Create New Account.
-Use the Apple ID linked to the device & subscription to create the account.
-This allows you to creates login credentials that can be used on any platform.

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