How to Restore an In-App Purchase
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Restore In-App Purchase

If a user has an Active In-App Subscription purchased on their device, they can Restore Purchase to reactivate access.

-Check Subscription on your device; note email used for that account.

-If subscription is active, follow steps below to Restore Purchase.

  • Android: Google Play app >Menu >Subscriptions.

  • iOS: Device Settings >Your Name >Subscriptions.

  • Roku: Using remote >select channel >press star button.

Android & iOS

If your home page looks like this:

You will follow these steps:

If you Created an Account:

-Tap Sign-In. Enter email/password.

-Open Settings, then Billing tab.

-Tap Subscribe, then Restore Purchase.

If you did Not Create an Account:

-Tap locked video, then Get Access.

-Tap Subscribe, then Restore Purchase.

-If prompted, enter Apple password.

-Create a New Account.

If your home page looks like this:

You will follow these steps:


From the Welcome Screen:

-Already a Subscriber. Restore Purchase

From Home Page:

-User Icon. Scroll down & tap Billing

-Already a Subscriber. Restore Purchase


Use login credentials on any platform.


  1. Select Login.

  2. Sign-In to your Account.

  3. Open a locked video.

  4. Select Subscribe.

  5. This opens the checkout page.

  6. Select Restore Purchase.

If update is part of a migration:

Users will select Sign-Up, create an account, then follow steps above.

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