Use Chromecast to Stream

Learn how users can use Chromecast to watch your content on TV

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Customers can use Chromecast to watch your videos on their TV by casting from their laptop, tablet, or phone.

To stream videos, users should:

  1. Connect Chromecast to their TV.

  2. Connect their device to the same Wi-Fi network as their TV.

  3. Find the video that they want to stream on their laptop or device and click on the Chromecast icon.

  4. In the pop-up that appears, select the desired TV and cast.


Casting options when using Chromecast

  1. Using the Google Chrome web browser is supported.

  2. Casting from an iPhone and Android native apps is supported.

  3. Using an iPhone/iPad (iOS devices) web browser, either Safari or Google Chrome is not possible due to limitations from Apple (Airplay is supported instead).

  4. Using the Android web browser and Google Chrome is supported. While it is possible to cast from other web browsers, it cannot be guaranteed.

  5. You can cast only to Chromecast devices or Android boxes, such as Xiaomi Mi TV.

While other Smart TVs may offer casting features, they have different technology than Chromecast and are not supported.

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