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How to Grant Access to Private Videos?
Updated over a week ago

What happens if you add content and set Require Access but then disable all the pricing options? The video is essentially private. Customers would see the videos on the catalog page but clicking them would not allow them to purchase those videos. When they click on the video, only the player image will appear and it will be darkened. There's no way to gain access to the content.

At the moment, there's only one way to grant access to this type of content. You will need to add the videos to a bundle and making that bundle only accessible by a link. Follow our help guide to know exactly how to create a private bundle and obtain the sharable link.

It's probably best that for whatever category these videos belong to, you put that category at the bottom of your catalog, so it doesn't get in the way of content that the majority of your customers do have access to. That way, they won't think there is something wrong with your site.

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