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List of Zapier Triggers
List of Zapier Triggers
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The following are all the triggers that you can create zaps within Zapier. There are two types of triggers, When this happens and Do this. When this happens allows you to perform an action in another software when a particular event happens in Uscreen. Do this allows you to wait for something to happen in another software and perform an action in Uscreen.

When this happens Triggers...

Triggers when a payment is processed for contents, subscriptions, or bundles.


New User

Triggers when a new user is created in your storefront.

Canceled Subscription

Triggers when a subscription is canceled (by either the end-user or a site admin).


Began to Play Video

Triggers when a user starts to play video.


User Updated

Triggers when end-users update the profile in your storefront. It only displays the values that were changed.

Do this Triggers...

Create User

Can create a customer with the following information required:


Assign User Access

Can add a subscription or bundle to a user. You may need to pass some information in the search step to automatically choose which subscription or bundle they should have access to.

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