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Mark Content as Watched

Easily see which videos have been watched with 'Mark as Watched'

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From now on, your users won't have to keep guessing which videos they have already watched. Mark as Watched was implemented to help your users keep track of all the content they already accessed without having to play the video to check its content.

Mark as Watched is available for all Uscreen plans, but you will need to enable it on your site for it to appear for your users. At the moment, this feature is opt-in only, so you can choose whenever you want to enable it. The setup is quick and easy, so follow these steps to enable it for your site.

Enabling Mark as Watched

Navigate to Website, click on Catalog, then scroll down to the Mark as Watched section and toggle Show Mark as Watched. You are all set!

When you impersonate a user or access your Storefront, you will see that your Catalog page will have some videos that have a faded effect over them. All of the videos that the user has watched will have a faded effect and a checkmark next to the timestamp. The videos that aren't faded nor have a check mark are those that haven't been watched.

NOTE: If you have customized your site for the timestamp to be hidden, then the check mark will not appear in your video. The only indication that it was watched will be the appearance of the faded effect over it.

When users click on one of your videos, they will be taken to its page. Below the player, there will be the Mark as Watched button.

The button will change to Watched once the video reaches 90% in the seek bar in the player. If users skip some parts but reach the 90% mark, the video will still be marked as watched.

However, if they do not want the video to be marked as watched, they can simply click on Watched, and the button will change to Mark as Watched. That also applies to marking videos as watched. If they watched a section and want to mark it as watched, they can simply click on the Mark as Watched button.

Videos that belong to a collection will be marked as watched on the Collection page. Yet collections won't be marked as watched on the Catalog page. On the Collection page, the videos will also be faded and have a checkmark, so users can easily identify which ones have already been watched.

As a side note, if videos are assigned to more than one category, they will be marked as watched in all of the categories they are in. For example, my video "How to Start Your Garden" belongs to both New Releases and Continue Watching categories, so when the video was watched in one of them, both will be marked.

NOTE: This feature does not track how much of the video your users have watched. It only marks if they watched 90%.

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