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Create a Test User

Learn how to create a test user so you can test your site as a user would

Updated over a week ago

Once you have set up your site, it could be beneficial to create a test user so you can experience your site from a user's perspective.

Having a test user may be useful to test all common pages (Catalog, Checkout, Account, Catalog, Gift Cards, and Content pages), as well as all email templates and marketing tools. You could also use it to test purchases and refunds.

To create a test user, navigate to the People tab and click on +Invite People.

Add a Name and an Email Address, then scroll down and click on Invite.

If you have the email templates enabled for inviting new customers, you should receive an email with the login information on the email you added.

To test your store, you can either sign in as if you were a user on your sign-in page (https://yourstoreURL/sign_in) or you can impersonate the user.

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