Nameservers Overview

Nameservers are servers designed to translate domain names into IP addresses

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The internet works with unique IP addresses (Internet Protocol), which look like Each IP address is assigned to a server or cluster that hosts websites and applications. However, because it's too difficult for humans to memorize IP addresses for each website, the internet uses addresses that are more human-friendly.

On the internet, this is called Domain Names System.

In this help guide, we do not pretend to explain in detail how the entire internet works, but we can cover Nameservers.

The purpose of Nameservers is to route the traffic from the internet to your website when someone types your domain name or clicks a link in their web browser.

NOTE: Uscreen is not a Nameservers provider. To point your domain to Uscreen's servers, you need to manage your DNS zone with your current provider.

If you don't know who's your Nameservers provider, please check with your domain registrar. Here you can find more information about How Custom Domains Work in Uscreen.

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