While this can be a technical choice, it will depend on your business model strategy and core activity. In general, we recommend setting up your custom domain. However, custom subdomains can be more beneficial in certain situations.

Changing your domain down the road may affect your business. We want to help you make an educated choice from the beginning that will be constructive for the long term.


  1. Your content is the core of your business. Therefore, you should use a root domain.

    FaderPro provides education for music producers. Their courses are the core of their business. They don't need to use a subdomain and use the root domain instead.

  2. The core of your business turns around the main product, and your VOD content is an add-on to educate or provide extra value about how to use the main product.

    In that case, it can make sense to use a subdomain.

    • Main Domain: mainproduct.com

    • Subdomain: training.mainproduct.com

    For example, Keiser offers a full range of fitness products and has sold over 300.000 Keiser Indoor Bikes worldwide. They have launched The Ride with Uscreen, with an all-inclusive workouts catalog.

    • Main Domain: keiser.com

    • Subdomain: theride.keiser.com

  3. Suppose you monetize different types of content, and you use VOD/Live Events to sell your premium content. You can still use a subdomain.

    • Main Domain: maincontent.com

    • Subdomain: premium.maincontent.com

    Our clients Liebscher & Bracht specialize in osteoarthritis and pain treatment, and they monetize premium content under a subdomain via Uscreen.

    • Main Domain: liebscher-bracht.com

    • Subdomain: premium.liebscher-bracht.com

  4. A team can carry the video streaming site project in large corporations without controlling the company in general.

    • corporation.com

    • vod.corporation.com

  5. You have several large markets worth having their Uscreen site because they are different business units (different locations, languages, currencies, markets, payment processing rules, etc.).

    • us.international.com

    • eu.international.com

    • mx.international.com

In general, we recommend using a custom domain unless your situation requires a custom subdomain, like the examples above.

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