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Using Hotjar Analytics and Feedback Tools
Using Hotjar Analytics and Feedback Tools

Use Hotjar heatmaps to track user behavior and optimize your site

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Hotjar ( is a simple but powerful tool that can reveal the online behavior and even the inputs or opinions of your users. It only takes a few steps to integrate Hotjar into your Uscreen site.

Once connected, you can use Hotjar's suite of tools, outlined below.

Analytics Tools

The option to enable the Analytics Tools of Hotjar can be accessed through Settings > Site & Organization and by clicking the cogwheel icon (Site Settings).


Through Heatmaps, you will be able to see a visual representation of the clicks, taps, and scrolling behavior of your users. It identifies the parts of specific pages that gather the most interactions.

There are two versions of Heatmaps you may use, Manual and Continuous Heatmaps. Both have the same functionality and purpose.

  • Manual Heatmaps have to be manually created each time you want to capture data from a new page and are based on a set of page views. Then you will have to wait for data to be captured and once completed, you need to manually restart it to again get data.

  • Continuous Heatmaps capture data automatically and continuously across your site, with little to no setup needed. Just search for the URL you want to track and Hotjar will show you a heatmap based on data gathered automatically over time.


With this enabled, Hotjar automatically records sessions continuously each day. The daily session limit applies to both continuous Heatmaps and Recordings depending on your Hotjar plan.

You may play and even replay the recordings just like normal videos. The recording shows a screen capture of a user’s session. Hotjar suppresses dynamic data by default, replacing any sensitive information with asterisks (*).

Feedback Tools

You may insert multiple Feedback and Survey Widgets to your site. Its limit depends on your Hotjar plan. These interactive tools can allow your users to express their opinions, suggestions, and feelings towards your site.

Incoming Feedback

Using this feature, you can gather visual and instant feedback from your users. The Feedback Widget automatically appears as a small button hovering over your site. When clicked, the button expands and shows options for your users to rate the webpage using Hotjar Buddies (similar to emojis) and even write their feedback.

The Feedback Widget comes with several customization options. It allows you to change its position relative to the page, to indicate the URLs where you want the widget to appear, to personalize the messages/questions, and even to specify the email address to where you want the feedbacks to be sent.


Hotjar Surveys allow you to ask an unlimited number of questions to an unlimited number of respondents. Surveys can be displayed in three different ways - as a Popover, in Fullscreen, or through an External Link. The customization options of the survey forms are mostly similar to that of the Feedback Widget.

NOTE: Some features of the Hotjar Business plan such as the User Attributes may not work as expected as our platform does not natively support the feature. We would recommend consulting your developer or hiring one to assist you in implementing the User Attributes to ensure the values you require to target are available within your site.

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