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Live Event Donations

Enable donations/tips for your live event.

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You can capture donations during your live events by enabling donations. Donations, much like Live Chat are enabled on a per event basis. Donations are currently available from browsers only, and not yet available in the native mobile or tv apps.

Enabling Donations

You'll find the donation toggle beside the chat toggle on your live event details tab

donation toggle

How your end-users make a donation

Once enabled for an event, logged in users with access to your event will see the chat with the donation model:

donation icon

Clicking the donate icon will show a popup for your users to make a donation. A donation message that shows in chat is optional. Different amounts will change the color scale of the donation message making larger donations instantly recognizable even if you're not near your computer:

There are a few suggested amounts that will change based on your storefront's currency. Stores with currencies like Yen will see nice whole numbers like ¥1000 instead of direct conversions from USD.

End-users are free to add a custom amount and type in their own amount. Due to transaction fees, the minimum donation amount is $2.

Clicking Continue will bring your end-users to the final step where they verify payment details and complete the donation:

Finally, the donation message will appear in the chat:

How you track invoices related to donations

If you need to tie donations to an Author, make sure you assign the live event to an Author and then in the Sales > Invoices page you can filter by Author and Donations:

If you're viewing an invoice from the People details invoices will show a Donation type and the title of the event in the invoice:

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