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Prompt mobile app users for reviews
Prompt mobile app users for reviews
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You've got great content and mobile apps. Reviews help make sure everyone knows! Positive mobile app reviews validate your content, business, and value. They can be used for sales, marketing, and growth. Reviews with critical feedback are an opportunity to offer support and improve.

Uscreen allows you to optionally prompt mobile users to leave reviews. Your app will do this at a point when we believe users are most likely to leave a positive review. The criteria for this prompt, based on analysis from hundreds of Uscreen apps, and tens-of-thousands of end-users, is to prompt users who are active subscribers for 4 of more months. This is the sweet-spot for your paying users, who are enjoying and engaged with your content and community, and thus more likely to leave a positive review. Your app will not interrupt a video. The prompt happens on the catalog screen. The prompt use the standard iOS or Android system review prompts, to remain compliant with app store guidelines, and not annoy users. Prompts occur every 120 days. Prompts only appear to users who have enabled their system review prompt settings. Note that some users choose to disable these automatic prompts, just like they may choose to disable push notifications or camera access. Users who see the prompts may choose to leave a rating (1 to 5 stars) and a review (optional title and words explaining their review).

How to enable "Prompt users for reviews" in your mobile apps:

The decision to prompt for reviews is up to you. You are in control, based on your own mobile app review strategy. Some Uscreen customers want more reviews. Others do not.

  1. Navigate to the Mobile & TV Apps

  2. Enable Prompt users for reviews

  3. Save

  4. Monitor your app store reviews as your customers submit ratings

A few important notes:

  • When you enable this option, your mobile app users, who meet the prompt criteria, will start receiving prompts, and you could see a large influx of app store reviews. So be ready to monitor and respond!

  • The prompts for users will start after a few minutes, after enabling this setting. It will take more time for users to use your app, meet the prompt criteria, and decide to leave a review.

  • This feature is available for mobile iOS and Android apps created (or updated) after September 20, 2022 Uscreen version 3.8.0+. If you enable this option, but it does not appear in your mobile apps, be sure to request an app update, to be on the latest version with this feature.

Monitoring ratings and reviews

Be sure to read the iOS and Android best practices when responding to reviews. We only recommend enabling this link, if you are ready and committed to receiving and responding to app store reviews.

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