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Choosing a domain for your Uscreen store
Choosing a domain for your Uscreen store
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Ease of Use or Completely Custom

We offer two options for hosting your store,

1. domain

This option is great for those who want a reliable and quick way to launch a store. You can point users from a different website right into select landing pages, the video catalogue or use unscreen as your complete website. More information about domains can be found here.

Note: You must use this option if you are not on a paid account yet


  1. Quick to get started

  2. Reliable

  3. Secure


  1. Less custom feel

  2. Less control of domain settings

2. Custom domain

For advanced users who want a truly customer experience you can use a custom. Detailed information on setting up a custom domain can be found in this article

Note: Only available for paid customers.


  1. Fully custom vibe

  2. Full control over domain setting and ownership


  1. Must be kept up to date for security reasons

  2. Can be less reliable unless you have dedicated technical staff

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