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How to Generate a QR Code for Free
How to Generate a QR Code for Free
Updated over a week ago

You may want to generate a QR code to promote your content in physical or brick-and-mortar locations. Some examples include but are not limited to QR codes that redirect to:

While there are different ways to generate a QR code, you can achieve it by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to a free QR generation service like

  2. Copy the URL of the destination page

  3. Paste it into the Submit URL and wait a few seconds

  4. Download your QR code

Alternatively, you can make a free QR code using Uniqode or another service such as Adobe Express or Bitly.


As an example, pretend that you are a famous artist. You have an amazing art gallery is a historic city, with great foot traffic for window shoppers. You could make a free QR code to encourage people to download your app and subscribe to your painting process videos.

Try scanning this QR example with your phone, to open the app store:

To do this yourself:

  1. Navigate to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store in your web browser

  2. Search your app

  3. Select your app and make sure you are your app's landing page

  4. Copy the URL for your app. It will looks something like:

  5. Paste this URL into

  6. Download the actual QR code image

  7. Use that image in your marketing materials (posters, emails, etc)

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