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Improved Mobile Apps Onboarding
Improved Mobile Apps Onboarding
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  • Uscreen included two improvements to mobile apps user onboarding

  • Available in version 3.12 released June 2023

  • First: single page onboarding screen, with a clear and concise list of membership benefits, without the need to swipe. You may still use use custom screenshot slides if they prefer swiping and images.

  • Second: optional onboarding that strongly encourages users to create an account, allowing you to capture their email, and reduce number of unregistered users.

  • Both will help your audience (and you!) onboard quickly and efficiently

  • Video and more details below

Single page onboarding and account creation screen

Single page onboarding screen

We improved the join now page to showcase the benefits of becoming a member, on a single page. There is no longer a need to swipe to see the benefits. They now appear on a simple, clear, and concise list, with no need to swipe. This list is also smart, and shows the community line, or the live streaming option, if those features are part of your apps.

Now in order to show this concise single page list of bullets, which we believe will more strongly encourager users to subscribe and understand the benefits of your offering, we removed the previous sliding options. If you prefer the swiping images, you may still use those. Just work with you friendly CSM and App Launch Specialist to and create custom screenshots.

Encourage account creation and reduce unregistered users

We to help you capture your audience member's personal info, for marketing and support purposes. We want to help reduce unregistered, or anonymous users. These are users who subscribe, but do not have an account.

This new improvement more strongly encourages users to create an account, with a specific create account screen. Users are immediately prompted to create an account. Account creation is still skippable optional, per app store guidelines. But we believe that users will create an account, because this step is on its own screen, and they just saw the compelling reasons above about the benefits of a membership.

This is currently an optional improvement. Please contact Uscreen, if you would like us to enable this improvement. It's a simple backend setting. It does not require an app rebuild, as long as you are on version 3.12 or later.

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