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What is Subscriber Analytics?

Subscriber Analytics shows your store's New, Active, Churned, and Total subscribers for each month.

To find your Subscriber Analytics, navigate to Analytics > Subscriber in the left-hand menu of the Admin Area.


The default view is for all subscribers, but you can filter down to see New, Active, Churned, and Total by subscription plan using the Subscription filter.

To view only New, Active, or Churned, you can use the Status filter:

Who is included in my Subscriber Analytics?

Only people who are currently paying for a recurring subscription plan(New & Active), or have stopped paying for a recurring subscription plan (Churned), will be counted in subscriber analytics.

If a subscriber is part of a subscription plan, but has received access to the plan on a discounted rate, they will also be included here.

Subscriber Analytics DOES NOT include the following end users:

  • Any subscriber who has had a subscription manually assigned to them by an Admin and is not paying for the subscription

  • In-trial subscribers

  • Any subscriber who was added to your platform as part of a migration from another platform, until this subscriber begins to generate billing history on your Uscreen platform.

How are New Subscribers calculated?

New subscribers are counted and displayed in the month of their first billing date.

For example, if someone purchases a subscription plan on any date in July, they will be counted as a new subscriber for July. Once the next month starts, New subscribers from the previous month will be added to your count of Active subscribers.

How are Active Subscribers calculated?

Active Subscribers are counted as Active once they have passed the month from their first billing date.

As long as a subscriber continues to make successful payments on their scheduled billing dates for their subscription, they will be included in the monthly Active subscriber total.

If an Active subscriber is On Hold (because there was a problem with their billing) or Pending Cancellation (because they have voluntarily chosen to cancel their subscription), they will remain counted as Active until they have eclipsed their last scheduled billing date and are no longer making payments.

NOTE: If you recently migrated your end users to Uscreen, your analytics may not reflect the same active number of subscribers as your people tab. This is because they might not have been billed yet. Over time you will see this report more accurately reflect active subscribers.

How are Churned Subscribers calculated?

Churned subscribers are calculated as any subscriber who has canceled their subscription, voluntarily or involuntarily, and has passed their next scheduled billing date without making a successful payment.

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