New Checkout Experience (Beta)
Updated over a week ago

We've made a number of updates to the checkout experience.

Please note: Our new Stripe integration that supports taxes, apple pay, SEPA, iDeal, cashapp, Stripe analytics and more is built on top of this new checkout experience, so if you're wanting to access those features you'll want to make the switch over.

First, we reduced the number of pages it takes to checkout by combining the ability to create an account and make a purchase to a single page. We've improved the metadata and UX for mobile purchases(some creators have up to 50% of purchases made on mobile browsers). We've also improved coupon inputs to make them more noticeable.

We've also made claiming free bundles even easier with a single step purchase page:

Next, for users browsing your catalog, we now show all purchase options right on the video itself.

We've also improved bundle copy to show how many videos a user will receive in their bundle.

Our new checkout experience is faster than ever and we'll continue to make updates here to better capture high quality members.

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