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3rd Party Tracking Pixels Overview

Learn about adding 3rd party tracking pixels to your Uscreen site.

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Tons of third-party ad companies offer tracking pixels, including Facebook and TikTok. You can add tracking pixels to your Uscreen site to better track conversion rates from your ads.

Adding Tracking Pixels

You can add the tracking pixel directly to the Head Code section of your website. Follow the steps below:

  1. Copy your tracking pixel from your Ad provider. This is done outside of Uscreen.

  2. Head to your Admin area for your Uscreen site.

  3. Go to Website > 3 dot menu > Checkout Snippet

  4. Place your copied Tracking Pixel in the Head Code Section:

  5. Don't forget to click Save Changes!

Popular 3rd Party Tracking Pixels

There are several popular 3rd party tracking pixels. Below you'll find specific instructions or information pertaining to popular tracking pixels. We highly recommend you always follow the instructions that are provided by your pixel provider.


We have a dedicated integration for Facebook Pixel Tracking. Please see our help documentation regarding this.


Please follow TikTok's guidance on generating and setting up new tracking pixels.

NOTE: Our support team is unable to assist you with the creation of tracking pixels. This guide is intended to show you where you can add tracking pixels to your site, but not how to create or manage them.

Please contact your ad provider for further support regarding the proper setup of tracking pixels.

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