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Calendar Mobile Push Notifications (beta)
Calendar Mobile Push Notifications (beta)
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The Uscreen Calendar is a power engagement and retention tool, especially for your mobile audience members.

You can configure push notifications to automatically remind your mobile audience about newly released content, upcoming live events, or scheduled calendar videos. These automatic calendar push notifications are an effective way to remind with your audience and increase engagement.

These calendar push notifications are automatic. They are separate from manually sending, or scheduling your marketing push notifications. These are a great way to save yourself time, since they are automatic, and based on your calendar content.

Calendar Mobile Push Notifications Beta

Like the overall Calendar feature, these calendar push notifications is in beta! This means the calendar is an early-release feature. You may optionally enable it. Right now, there are limited capabilities. Some capabilities will change. Uscreen plans to improve it further. But we also want to give you early access, as soon as possible, since we know you, and your audience, will benefit from this tool now. Beta also means we want your feedback!

How to enable Calendar Mobile Push Notifications

  • Ensure that Calendar is enabled in Experimental Beta Features

  • Visit your admin Calendar

  • Select Edit mobile notifications

  • Select the types of notifications for your audience. Select from the predetermined list of options for Live Events, Published Videos, or Scheduled Videos

    • Published Videos refer to videos that are already published and available for viewing.

    • Scheduled Videos refer to videos that are yet to be released and are upcoming with a scheduled publication date in the video editor.

  • Click Save

  • The Uscreen system will automatically send the predetermined push notifications about your associated calendar events!

How your audience members receive notifications

Your mobile audience members receive push notifications if they enable them on their phone settings, and their Uscreen settings.

Ensure your mobile apps are version 3.14 or later, available September 22, 2023.

You may want to encourage your mobile audience to revisit their notification settings. Educate them on the benefits: always know about new content, like newly published videos, or live events starting soon.

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