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Google Developer Privacy Policy
Updated over a week ago

Google periodically checks that your app's privacy policy is available for your audience members. Google takes your app privacy policy very seriously.

If your privacy policy link is not working, Google will reject your app during an update process... or remove your app from the Google Play App Store all together!

Why would your privacy policy link stop working? Probably because your domain changed, or the URL location of your privacy policy changed.

Good news! Correcting your privacy policy is an easy problem to fix. Google will send you an email, like the example above. And Uscreen is here to help! Uscreen will notify you in the admin area, like the example below.

There are two ways to fix your privacy policy, depending on your situation:

Option #1: Existing privacy policy unavailable?

  • Maybe you accidentally deleted your privacy policy on your website...

  • Ensure it is available at the URL location, currently referenced in your app

  • You can see your current privacy policy in you Developer Console > App Content > Actions Tab, Privacy policy

Option #2: Changed URL of privacy policy?

  • Maybe you changed your domain, or the URL location of your privacy policy on your website...

  • You may add a redirect of an old link to the current privacy policy link... Otherwise,

  • Notify Uscreen of the new privacy URL location, via request app update

  • This option requires Uscreen to change the privacy policy in your app, and resubmit to the Google Play app store for approval.

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