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Google Play Account Verification
Google Play Account Verification
Updated over a week ago

Google is requiring all developer account holders to verify their accounts. Google is doing this to ensure high-quality apps on the Google Play app store.

Verification means providing identity information, payment information, and a DUNS number for organization accounts, per these requirements.

Google is allowing you to select your verification deadline. This is nice of Google, who wants to give you ample time to prepare. But if you do not select a verification deadline, before Feb 29, 2024, Google will assign you a deadline. You may see emails from Google that look this:

You can easily "Choose a deadline"

  1. Sign into you Google developer account, and follow the prompts.

  2. Choose a verification deadline

  3. Review the verification information

  4. Select a deadline. These dates extend across 2024 and into 2025

  5. Select your account type. Uscreen strongly recommends converting to an Organizational account, to we can keep your apps updated, and avoid limitations of personal accounts, especially the required app testing for all personal account.s

  6. Review your verification date

  7. Receive an email for your verification date

  8. Complete verification when prompted!

If you do not choose a deadline before February 29, 2024... Google will assign you a deadline! It might be sooner, it might be later. So choose a deadline that works for you, before being assigned a deadline.

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