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Checking App Store Customer Reviews

A guide to setting up new app review notifications from Google and monitoring Apple app reviews

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Discovering what users are saying about your app and engaging with them by responding directly to their feedback is crucial for increasing app adoption. In this article, we will share some simple methods on how to check and receive notifications when users review your apps in the app stores.


To configure notifications from Google, log in to your Developer account and click on Settings

Under Personal, click on Notifications

Make sure to enable the notifications for App reviews


Following up with reviews on the Apple App Store is a bit more complicated as Apple does not provide the same notification systems as Google, but we have you covered!

You'll need your AppID. The AppID can be obtained in 2 ways:

  1. Opening the URL for your app in any browser

The AppID will be the number highlighted in the above screenshot.

2. Log in to your Appstore Connect -

Click App information and you'll see your AppID

Apple provides an RSS feed for user reviews/comments in your App Store. With your AppID, we can access this URL by replacing your AppID in the URL

Once you have this URL built, you'll need to get an RSS reader, that will convert the above to a more human-readable format

For this example, we'll use an online RSS reader -

This will allow you to check your Appstore reviews comfortably.

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