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You can decide how to make each video available to your audience. Whether it is free for all users or gated and requires payment.

Gated Access

By default, all uploaded videos will be set to Gated, which means that users will need to log in to view the video.

If a video is set as Gated access, you have three options to require payment:

Subscription plan - This is how you can assign content to one or more subscriptions to grant paid access. Read over this article for in-depth help on subscriptions.

You can also choose to set a rental or one-time purchase price:

One-time purchase price - This will allow a customer to make a one-time purchase without being a subscriber.

Rental Price - You'll want to set not only the price but also the duration when users rent your content.

Please note that, by default, your videos will not automatically determine which subscription plans have access to your content. For each video you upload, it will be necessary for you to manually select the subscription plans that should have access to the content, particularly if it is intended to be limited to specific subscription plans.

Free for all users

If you decide to make the video free, you can switch the Video Access to Free for all users. Customers will then be able to watch the video on your storefront without logging in or providing payment information.

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