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Accessing and Moderating Comments

To manage comments on your videos, navigate to the "Comments" tab, found under the "People" tab. This is where you'll handle all comment moderation tasks.

On the video comment dashboard, you can read, reply, and interact with comments. To view a comment in its original context on the watch page, simply click the video title or thumbnail next to the comment.

This dashboard mirrors the comment features on the video watch page, including:

  • Liking comments

  • Using "@mentions" to tag members

  • Attaching images or linking to catalog videos

  • Editing or deleting comments

Sorting and filtering Comments

By default, the video comment threads are sorted by the latest activity - the time when the last comment in the thread was created. You can adjust the settings to see the newest comments first, especially useful if replies are not your focus.

Use the "New Threads Only" filter to hide threads where the last comment or reply was from an admin. This helps in focusing on new engagements.

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