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Populate the Join Page
Updated over a week ago

The Join Page is designed to only list subscription plans and encourage customers to sign up for a subscription to access your content.

If you want to display bundles, then you will need to create a custom page or landing page with links to each bundle you offer, then use that custom page in your home page CTA links and perhaps link to the custom page in your top navigation/menu.

The Join page is automatically created for your Uscreen site and can be viewed by adding /join to the end of your site URL. The Join Page will only appear if you have at least one subscription plan. If there are no subscriptions, you will be redirected to the /catalog page. You can populate the page by creating subscriptions and making them Public.

The Join Page is one of the few pages where we don't allow code customization on. This page needs to remain secure for collecting login credentials and payment information, so customization is restricted.

To populate the Join Page:

Navigate to the Subscription tab and click + Create a plan.

You can then set up your subscription, and when the subscription is Public, it will appear on your Join Page. All of the Private subscriptions are only accessible by direct link or by you adding users to the plan.

To know how users see the Join Page, read our guide on how users see your subscriptions.

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