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Manually Adding New Users

Invite users to your storefront manually one by one or in bulk.

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You can manually add a user to your storefront at any time and grant them access to content. Doing so will no longer require them to sign up. You can invite users one by one or you can invite a list of users in bulk.

Adding Users one-by-one

Navigate to the People tab and click +Invite People. You'll need to enter their Name and Email Address and you'll see an email template below.

You can edit the email further to personalize it, but make sure you don't remove any of the #{{variables}} as those are needed to provide the user with their login information.

Adding Users in Bulk

If you already have a lot of users that you want to add to your site, you can add multiple people at once by uploading a CSV with their names and email addresses. Importing people will send them an invite to log in to your site.

Please Note: This feature is limited to our Uscreen Plus plan. To discuss upgrading please contact

To mass import users:

Navigate to the People tab, and under the second People tab, click on +Invite People.

Under Bulk Invite, click Download sample CSV to have an example of what the file you will upload should look like.

After downloading the sample, you can edit the file and add your users' information, or you can create your own with Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, or Numbers. Fill in the Name in column A and the Email Address in column B for newly invited people. Make sure to follow this example exactly as is—do not add any additional columns or do not add column headers for the import to work.

Save the updated CSV file or download your own file as CSV and upload it to Uscreen by clicking Select Files or using the drag and drop method.

Confirm CSV upload was successful by making sure the Name and Email Address fields are blue, and the file upload shows how many customers you are adding.

Lastly, click on Send An Invite button at the bottom right to send welcome emails to all users listed in the CSV file. The email that will be sent is the template saved under the Settings tab.

Please Note: The bulk invite process may take some time. The larger your list, the longer it may take. Please allow up to several hours for the invites to process and be completely sent out. You will be notified via email upon completion.

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