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Add a Try Again for Free Automation
Add a Try Again for Free Automation
Updated over a week ago

You can enable a Try Again for Free automation for each plan you have active. Since you will be giving another free trial, this offer can only be claimed once and will not be sent again after a second cancelation.

To enable the automation, navigate to Marketing, select Try Again for Free and click + New Automation. You'll then Select a subscription to apply the automation next to the Choose a package section and set the Amount of days you want to provide a free trial for.

Of course, you can go over each email, and if you want to add your personal flair to them, go right ahead. Just remember to leave what's in the curly brackets {{}}.

The first email will go out after 30 days, and the second email is sent out 7 days after the first one if they haven't claimed the free trial offer.

NOTE: Users will receive the offer 30 days after having canceled the plan. Another email will be sent 7 days later to remind them to accept the offer. If they don't start the trial within 3 days after the last email, the offer will be unavailable. They can refuse the trial, come back to it, and accept it, but after getting the reminder a second time, they will only have 3 days to accept it.

If you would like to see how this marketing tool has been helping you convert users that have canceled into returning users, please head over to our Try Again for Free Stats guide.

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