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Apply a Coupon to a Completed Transaction
Apply a Coupon to a Completed Transaction
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Some users miss the opportunity to enter a coupon code during the checkout process and will reach out to you to request you apply the coupon retroactively. To do so, you will most likely have to refund the original transaction to allow coupon usage. However, we would like to warn you that refunds with payment providers can be messy.

Having trial periods with your subscriptions gives you a bit more flexibility to add coupons if a user misses claiming it during the initial checkout.

Bundles and Content

You can't make purchases for bundles and content on behalf of your users, so if they want to apply a coupon to a bundle or individual content already purchased, you will need to either:

  • Do a partial refund for the coupon amount (only applicable if you are using Stripe).

  • Do a full refund and ask them to make the purchase again with the coupon code.


You can manually make changes to subscriptions. To apply the coupon:

If you're not using Stripe and can't do partial refunds, it's going to be a bit tricky. You'll need to do the full refund, and then add the subscription with the coupon applied. However, from the date that their subscription started to the date you made the refund will essentially be free for the user. So if too long has passed since they made the purchase, it might be best to simply say you can only apply the coupon going forward.

If the subscription has a trial period and the user has not been charged yet, you can always manually apply a coupon before they are charged.

Partial Refunds

You can "apply" the coupon by doing a partial refund for the coupon amount. It doesn't actually use the coupon; it just gives them back the same value as the coupon. To provide a partial refund, the customer must have paid with a credit card processed by Stripe.

Stripe payments will be listed on the transaction invoice, and you will be able to see the transaction in Stripe where you can provide a partial refund.

If you make a refund in Stripe, know that this transaction lives completely outside of Uscreen. The invoiced amount, your MMR, and your user's transaction history view will not reflect the refund. Basically, anything that references that invoice amount will be a little off in its total.

Full Refunds

Navigate to the People tab, and under the second People tab, find the user you will want to issue the refund for, and click Edit. Under the Customer section, go to the Payments tab, click on the Invoice Number, and on the next page, click Refund.

Some payment providers will mark the second transaction as potential fraud because it is too similar to the original transaction. This may delay payment for several days, which could result in the account being on hold. If the bank declines the charge, the user can update their payment information to a different credit card so that that transaction can be completed and access restored.

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