Facebook Pixel allows you to track purchases via a marketing pixel.

To install a Facebook Pixel to your Uscreen account please follow steps below:

  • Navigate to the Settings tab and select Integrations

  • Find Facebook Pixel integration and then open your Facebook account.

  • In Facebook click on customer navigation and select Create Ads.

  • Click on the Facebook menu from the top left and select Pixels.

  • Click on Create a Pixel green button.

  • Name your Pixel and then click on Create blue button.

  • You've created your Pixel.

  • Click on Manually Install the Code Yourself.

  • Copy this code - you can use a text editor to paste all code into it and then just take the Pixel number.

  • Make sure to only select the code that is inside the ' ' and do not include the ' ' with the code.

  • Paste the code into Uscreen Facebook Pixel and click on Save Changes. That's all you need to do! You don't need to add the code anywhere else.

  • To test it add Facebook Pixel Helper plugin to your Chrome browser.


Go to your store and test the Facebook Pixel Helper.


Return to Facebook menu and select Pixels.


Click on Details to get Analytics and Reports from your Facebook Pixel.


Technical Specifications for Uscreen's Facebook Pixel Integration

There are 6 events you can use for tracking in Facebook Pixel. The event names and definitions are below.

These 6 events will be fired automatically from Uscreen if you have the integration set up - you do not need to do anything further.

  1. PageView - viewing of a page

  2. ViewContent - viewing of a program

  3. Purchase - successful purchase

  4. AddPaymentInfo - adding information about a credit card or PayPal account

  5. Lead - end-user signup and moving to the third step of the checkout form

  6. InitiateCheckout - moving to the second step of checkout form

Example payload of what will be pushed to Facebook Pixel:

fbq("track", "Purchase", { content_name: "Monthly Subscription", value: 12.0, currency: "USD" })

*value is the amount after any discount

Please note that the checkout workflow is dynamic.

As a result, you will only see certain events in Facebook Pixel Helper (a Chrome extension) during certain portions of the checkout process.

For example, the 'Customer Information' view may show 'PageView' and 'IntiateCheckout' events. The 'Complete Order' view may show 'PageView' and 'Lead' events. The confirmation view (which only appears for 5 seconds after the Complete Order step is Completed) may show the 'PageView' and 'Purchase' events.

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