We want to enable users to engage in enjoyable and productive discussions in your Community. Notifications are an important part of this effort

Notification centre is the place where users receive personalised updates on the Community life. The Bell is an overlay icon visible to all users at the top right of Catalogue, Watch, and Community pages of your store.

Not seeing the bell?

  • Check if your Community is enabled and launched, the notification center is a part of the larger Community feature.

  • Custom styles that you have implemented may interfere with the overlay icon. Please, review your implementation with your technical team or contact support.

How do users know there are updates in the Bell?
Users see the number of unread updates on the bell icon itself. We do not send any push notifications to the browsers at the moment.

What events trigger notifications:

  • New Admin posts in the community

  • Relevant likes, comments and replies

We occasionally introduce and test new event types to maximise users' engagement.

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