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How to Set Up Community Channels
How to Set Up Community Channels
Here's how to create separate feeds for different topics in your community.
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As an admin, you can add channels to your Community. This creates separate feeds where you and your members can discuss different topics. Each post appears only in the feed where it’s been posted.

To create a new feed, go to your community. Under the search bar, you can see your general channel if you haven’t made any new ones.

Beneath that, there’s a button that says “Add Channel.”

Click on that and you’ll see a screen asking you to add details about your community.

Next to the text field that lets you name your channel, you’ll find a button that also lets you pick an emoji to go along with the name.

You can create up to 5 feeds. To add another after reaching that limit, you’ll need to delete one of the channels you’ve created. But keep in mind that when you delete a channel, its contents are also deleted and cannot be retrieved.

You can edit a channel’s name any time. To do that, head to the feed and click the three dots next to the name, as shown below. Select “Edit” from the menu that shows up. Now you can edit the channel’s name and emoji.

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