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How your users make purchases
Updated over a week ago

There are two main paths your users can take to make purchases on your storefront. Each showcases your purchases in a different way.

Your Join Page

The first is your membership page found on This page is usually accessed through a call to action on your home page or in your navigation bar. You can also build custom pages in our theme builder that link to this page.

Users who take this path will find a list of your subscriptions they can choose from and then advance to create an account and complete the purchase.

Your Catalog and Video Pages

When browsing videos in your catalog, users can click a thumbnail and see the available purchase options:

From there they enter the account creation step and payment step from the first path.

Once a purchase is made, users will see a confirmation page and then are redirected to the content they purchased.

Users can find their purchase history and membership options in their account page located at

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