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Tracking Conversions for Third Party Platforms
Tracking Conversions for Third Party Platforms
Updated over a week ago

If you need to track conversions for web purchases in another platform outside of Uscreen, we have a handy JSON payload that your web developer can access on the /checkout/success page. This page appears for 5 seconds after completing a purchase before redirecting to the content the user purchased.

You can add code that targets this page in the purchase code snippet,

You can utilize the purchasePayload to get the following data:

amount: "0.00"
country_code: ""
customer_email: ""
customer_name: "name"
discount: "0.00"
id: "12345"
ip_address: "192.10.10"
offer_id: 999
title: "Monthly Subscription"
total: "0.00"
transaction_id: ""

Pair this data with any cookies or URL parameters you might have stored to pass conversion data along to another platform.

Please Note: Our support team is unable to provide you with in-depth support for setting up tracking. We recommend reaching out to a web developer or a Google Analytics professional for more specialized help with this matter.

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