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People Details Overview (Updated, 2023)
People Details Overview (Updated, 2023)

View end user activity, payment history, email history, profile details, and more.

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The Details page of end user gives you important information about their account details, payment and email history, content access, and more.

To view the details of an end user, open the three-dot menu for their account and click Edit:

Overview of the Details Page

On the Details page for end user, you can find the following information:


  • See response to custom checkout field

  • Create and view private Admin notes

  • See the user's email and whether or not they have confirmed it


The Invoices card shows you the invoice history of an end user, including date of the invoice, the invoice status, and amount paid.


The Activity card shows you information such as when an end user signed in, any admin changes that have been made to their account, coupons redeemed, and more.


The Emails card shows the full email history for the end user, including total emails sent, the date and time they were sent, and when they've been opened.

User Profile

The User Profile card gives you information about the end user:

  • Segment

  • Status

  • Creation date

  • Payment information

  • Last active date

  • Next invoice date & amount due

  • Coupons redeemed

Depending on the segment that an end user is a part of, their profile card will update with information that is relevant to that segment:

  • Active member: See which subscription plan the active member is on

  • One-time buyer: See the Last Purchase at a glance

  • Lead: See the Lead Source at a glance

  • Churned: See the Churned Reason (taken from reason provided through the Reduce Churn feature) at a glance

  • Trialing: See which plan the end user is trialing on

Edit Customer Name

You can change your customer's name by either impersonating their account and editing their name from their dashboard or by instructing the customers to edit their own name via the dashboard.

  1. Click on More Actions

  2. Impersonate

  3. Navigate to the dashboard

  4. Edit their profile name

  5. Click Save

Watch History

The Watch History card shows you an at-a-glance view of the end user's recent watch history.

Bundle Access

The Bundle Access card shows you which bundles an end user has access to and gives you the ability to assign or take away bundle access.

Content Access

The Content Access card allows you to assign access to specific pieces of content to the end user:

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