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YouTube Lead Generator (beta)
YouTube Lead Generator (beta)
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YouTube Lead Generator is a new beta feature that allows your audience to create an account on your membership platform with their YouTube login credentials to get access to free content.

YouTube Funnel Benefits

Creating a YouTube funnel has some unique benefits.

  1. Meet your audience where they are: YouTube Funnels allow your audience to create an account with your membership platform using their YouTube login credentials, creating a frictionless experience for your end users

  2. Know your audience: By sharing the funnel link with your YouTube audience, you can learn the names and emails of your YouTube subscribers, allowing you to develop a deeper relationship with them.

  3. Nurture your audience: Using the newly unlocked emails of your YouTube audience, you can nurture these leads to become active paying members through email campaigns and push notifications.

  4. Understand your audience's viewing habits and interests: In tandem with this feature, we will also be releasing an analytics report that shows you which other YouTube channels your audience subscribes to. This will help you understand what types of content and creators your audience is interested in.

Let's now explore how to set up a funnel.

Creating a Lead Generator Campaign

Creating a YouTube Lead Generator is a quick and easy process.

Go to Marketing > YouTube Lead Generator to get started:

Next, select "Add YouTube Giveaway" in the top right corner:

Naming your campaign and selecting content

The name you choose for your campaign will only be visible to you. You can think of this as the specific campaign name for your campaign, so choose something specific to your goals (i.e., "Holiday Giveaway For My YouTube Subscribers!").

You can select as many pieces of content to give away as you would like, but we typically recommend sticking to 3 to 5 pieces of content per funnel. Content that you choose to give away will appear in the My Library section for end users who are created via the funnel.

The URL that you will share with your audience is also customizable. The URL will be the same as the URL for your main site, followed by /yt/#/ and whatever you choose to name the funnel.

NOTE: If you already offer free content on your platform that is available to everyone, this content will also appear in the My Library section for YouTube Leads

NOTE: When you select giveaway content, it will be added to the user's library upon account creation. If you decide to change the content you offer in the future, your leads will not receive the updated giveaway content nor lose access to previously granted content. Any changes to the giveaway content will only apply to new leads moving forward, and will not affect existing ones.

Customizing your campaign landing page

For each YouTube Lead Generator campaign you create, we generate a simple landing page that your audience will see.

This landing page includes a header image, header text, and a body copy section. We recommend that you keep the header and body copy short while communicating the value your audience is getting by signing up and providing a clear call-to-action.

Header Example: "Free Content for my YouTube Subscribers!"

Body Copy Example: "Get FREE access to 5 pieces of content by signing in with your YouTube account. Sign up now to get access!"

Once you select an image, header, and body copy, you can preview what your landing page will look like by clicking the Preview button in the top right corner:

Publishing your campaign

When you're ready to publish your campaign, simply change the visibility of your funnel from Unpublished to Published and save your changes.

You can unpublish an active campaign at any time.

YouTube Lead Generator campaign list

To see all of the campaigns you have created, you can go back to the list page to view the funnels and their stats:

From this page, you can select the three-dot menu for any funnel and Delete, Duplicate, Unpublish, Edit, or Share URL.

Funnel stats

For each funnel, you will get stats on Views, Leads, and Purchases.

Views: How many people have viewed the landing page for your funnel

Leads: How many new accounts have been created through a specific funnel campaign (i.e., how many people have created an account with their YouTube login credentials)

Purchases: How many purchases have been made by end users created via a YouTube funnel campaign (A purchase is a successful payment of greater than $0.01 by an end user created via a YouTube funnel campaign).

Finding Leads from YouTube Lead Generator

You can find leads from your YouTube Lead Generator campaigns by clicking the Leads number in the Leads column for each campaign. This will bring you to the People page with a filter pre-selected for Leads of the specific YouTube Lead Generator campaign:

You can also find Leads by using the YouTube Lead Generator filter in the More Filters section of People:

You can also check a Lead's details to view their Activity Log and YouTube Lead Generator activity:

And you can view their YouTube channel:

YouTube Lead Generator - YouTube Subscriber Report

The report for this feature shows the top 10 YouTube channels subscribed to by all leads created via your YouTube Lead Generator campaigns.

To view the report, go to Analytics > Subscribers > YouTube Lead Generator. To see the full list of channels, you can export the CSV in the top right corner.

This will help you understand what types of content and creators your audience is interested in.

So what can you do with this information? Lots of things!

  • Understand what type of content your audience is interested in

  • Get inspiration from other YouTube channels on video style, content, and more

  • Identify collaboration opportunities with other creators that your audience is interested in

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