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Rich Results for Courses in Google Search
Rich Results for Courses in Google Search

Learn about creating rich results for courses in Google

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You have a comprehensive understanding of your membership, which enables you to add specific parameters to your courses. These parameters include essential details such as start dates, duration, pricing, instructor information, and other relevant fields.

As different Uscreen stores may require different fields, you must customize the code below according to your needs.

Note: Custom Coding is only available on our Uscreen Plus plans. Please contact to

Adding Google's Course and CourseInstance code

You'll need access to code editing on our Uscreen Plus plan to continue.

You can edit your _seo.liquid file which can be found under Website > 3 dot menu > Edit Code > _seo.liquid.

Fill out all of the details so that it best fits your site. For more details please review Google's documentation.

Note: Uscreen is not designed as a course platform. While you can add this code and edit it, we do not provide support or assistance with it. Please contact a developer for further help.

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