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New sign-in experience

Users have the option to sign in with a magic link, eliminating the need to remember a password.

Updated over a week ago

We all know what it's like to try and remember a myriad of passwords across different websites. This is why we've implemented a brand new feature that simplifies the sign-in process for your end-users! Users can now sign in without a password using a magic link sent to their email.

How do Magic Links benefit me?

  1. We believe Magic Links will help reduce friction for your end-users and create a seamless sign-in experience, resulting in more activity and less churn!

  2. We believe Magic Links will help reduce the support you need to provide your end-users by helping them reset passwords.

  3. Magic Links are especially useful if you've already had users created in other websites with their own passwords such as Shopify or Wordpress. Now your users can easily switch between sites without worrying about syncing passwords.

How do Magic Links work?

Magic links work by allowing your end-users to simply type in their email address on the sign-in page and instead of requiring a password, we send them an email with a link that signs them in!

How are Magic Links secure?

Magic links are as secure as passwords because we only send the login link to the email address that is associated with the user's account. This ensures that only the end-user can access the magic link email, just like they would access a forgot password reset email. So, the security level of both methods is the same.

The magic link is valid for one hour after generation. Users can request a new link if it expires. Magic links are one-time use only and a new link must be generated for each login session.

What does the login experience look like?

Now when your end-users go to your sign-in page they will have a new login experience.

They simply type in their email address for their account and press continue. Or they can choose to sign in with their password.

Once they have entered their email, they will be prompted to check their email inbox:

They still have the option of signing in with a password as well.

The email will be delivered to their email address:

They click "Sign In" and will be taken to your catalog, signed in, and ready to view new content!

Does this work for my mobile app?

At launch, magic links are only available via the web, however, they will be coming to mobile apps in an update soon!

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