How to Revoke A Gift Card
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You can refund and revoke unused custom amount gift cards by following these steps:

  1. In the Admin Area, navigate to the Sales tab. Then, locate the Invoice for the Gift Card.

  2. Open the Invoice and click on Refund - The Refund button is available as long as the Gift Card was purchased in the last 30 days.

When you refund an unused Gift Card, the redemption code will be removed from your store, and it will no longer work.

If a Gift Card was redeemed by mistake and you want to revoke the balance, navigate to Marketing > Gift cards, locate the user by searching by their email, and under the Gift Card column, click on Undo Redemption.

When revoking the balance, the code of that gift card is still valid so another person can use it. However, if the person who redeemed the gift card by mistake already bought content, the user will end up with a negative balance on their account. You can refund the invoice associated with that purchase for the user's balance to be restored.

NOTE: If the Gift Card is associated with a product (subscription, bundle, content), refunding it won't revoke the access, please ensure you also cancel the user's subscription or revoke the access to the content.

What if the user who bought the gift card deleted their account?

Since users can delete their accounts and their information is no longer available in Uscreen, the process to revoke a gift card changes.

If the user who bought the gift card deleted their account, then you will have to contact our support team to request for it to be revoked instead of going through the steps mentioned above. After you've talked to support, access your payment provider, and from there, refund the user. Refunding from your payment provider only works with Stripe, if the charge is 30 days older or longer. If the charge was greater than 30 days ago, you will need to distribute a refund outside of Uscreen.

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