Get Ready for Version 3.0!

  1. Review what you currently have and decide if you want to make any changes.
  2. Check developer accounts and make sure Uscreen has access.
  3. Get your App Requirements ready, then submit Update Request (online form).

1: Review & Gather Information

App Information:

-Review App Name, Promotional Text/Short Description, Full Description, iOS Search Keywords, Support Email, & Website, Contact, Privacy, Terms of Use URLs.

-Is the information correct? Links work? Do you want to change anything?

App Access:

-In-App Purchase (IAP): Want to change price? Change, add, or remove trial?

-Sign-In Only: Want to add an In-App Purchase? (add if content requires paid access)

-Review the information for both options here.

App Store Screenshots:

-We will generate new screenshots before submitting each app for review.

-If you prefer, you can provide custom screenshots to use instead.

-Detailed information and specifications here.

2: Check Developer Accounts

  • You MUST confirm Uscreen has access and agreements/payment are active.
  • Apple ONLY: We have a new account/email:
  • If we do not have access for the users listed below, we cannot update your apps.

iOS: App Store Connect

-Access: Users & Access - If not listed, Add New User.

-Agreements: Agreements, Tax, Banking >Free & Paid Apps (IAP) must be Active.

Android: Google Play Console

-Access: Users & Permissions - & uscreen@api-. If not, steps here.

-Payment: Settings >Developer Account >Payment Settings

3: Gather App Requirements & Submit Request

1: App Icon: 1024x1024px

-Shown in App Store Listing

-Shown on Device Home Screen

2: Launch Screen: 2048x2732px

-Position in Safe Area (1200x2732)

-If not, image will look "cut-off".

-Examples here

3: Accent Color:

-Used for Buttons, Actions, Icons

-User chooses theme on device:

Light (#ffffff) or Dark (#000000)

-Choose a color that works with both.

-Check color combinations here.

-Do NOT Use: White, Black, Gray

4: Submit Update Request Form:

Get to know the Apps:

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