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Track Custom Events via Google Tag Manager without Coding
Track Custom Events via Google Tag Manager without Coding

Use our integration with Google Tag Manager to track custom events, such as clicks, form submissions, downloads, element visibility, etc.

Updated over a week ago

We have created a help guide for seasoned store owners who use Google Tag Manager and want to track custom events on Uscreen, including Landing Pages and Giveaway funnels.

The video tutorial covers the following steps:

  1. Connect Google Tag Manager to Uscreen

  2. Get the Measurement ID from Google Analytics 4

  3. Set up the Google Analytics: GA4 Configuration tag

  4. Add the variables

  5. Add the trigger

  6. Submit the changes

  7. Install Google Tag Assistant and test the set up

  8. Get the Click element's class

  9. Fine tune the trigger

  10. Create the Google Analytics: GA4 Event tag

  11. Submit the changes

  12. Perform the final test

NOTE: Google Tag Manager is third-party software that our support scope does not cover. While our support will help you verify if your Google Tag Manager is connected, you may want to work with a Google Tag Manager specialist if you require specific event tracking setup. You can hire a freelancer from Marketplaces like Upwork.

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