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People Watch History Stats
People Watch History Stats

Insight into how your users are watching and engaging with your content

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Watch History stats gives you better insight on how each of your users consumes a particular piece of content. You can better understand their engagement with each view session they have and infer how well a specific piece of content performs.

To view your user’s Watch History stats, navigate to the People tab within your Admin Area dashboard and delve deeper into each user’s watch history by clicking on the Stats button.

This will bring you to the Watch History page of a specific user where you’ll see a list of all the content the user has watched.

Note: Watch History stats are only for video-on-demand content at the moment. Live Stream views will not be reflected in the Watch History. Watch History content will also not be grouped by Collections or Bundles.

For each piece of content they’ve watched you’ll see 4 metrics:

  1. Latest View Session: shows the most recent date and time of the user’s viewing session for a particular piece of content. This date and time will automatically update to the most recent watch date every time the user watches the same piece of content.

  2. Total Watch Time: this is the total watch time accumulated over all viewing sessions for each piece of content that the particular user has watched.

  3. Completion: shows the user’s highest completion rate for a single viewing session of a specific piece of content.

    For example, if a user watched a piece of content three times, achieving 80% completion during the first session, 100% completion during the second session, and 40% completion during the third session, the completion stat will show you the viewing session with the highest completion rate, which in this case will be 100%.

  4. Most Recent Location: shows the most recent location (country) from which the user watched a piece of content, as well as the Device that the user watched from (NOTE: Currently, we show iOS (mobile), Android (mobile), and browsers such as Safari and Chrome. You may notice that some users device's show up as OSUnknown; This indicates that the view came from either a) a TV app, which we currently do not capture device name data from, or a browser that we cannot track data from).

How To Export Watch History Stats

You can export Watch History stats for all of the users on your platform by clicking the Video Stats CSV button.

Please note that this file can only be exported once per day, and therefore any attempts to export it more than once within a 24-hour period will not work.

You can find the exported Video Stats CSV file in Settings → Exported Files.

Video Stats CSV

The Video Stats CSV is a CSV that includes the complete watch history and associated view session data for all end users of an Admin's platform.

The CSV contains all the same data as the Watch History page within Admin Area, with a few key additions:

  • UserID

  • UserEmail

  • VideoID

  • Video Length (in seconds)

Users may also notice that we include Anonymous and Unregistered User view session data in the CSV.

We included this information because it provides insight into content performance, even if it is impossible to see who is actually viewing the content.

Anonymous users are any end user who watched a video on a Uscreen platform without having an account. This usually happens in the case of a store offering free content.

Unregistered Users are any end user who purchased as subscription through an in-app purchase on iOS or Android, and did not create an account. To learn more about Unregistered Users, click here.

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