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Delete an End-User
Updated over a week ago

While you can remove a user's subscription access without deleting their account, you may, in some cases, need or want to completely delete a user's account. Maybe you're responding to a GDPR request for deletion of all data of a user.

To delete a user's account:

1. Navigate to the People tab on the left sidebar

2. Find the user you need to delete and click Edit

3. Click on General Info

4. Locate the Delete Customer section and click on the Delete Customer button

5. Confirm the deletion by clicking on the Delete Customer button on the popup

NOTE: If you delete a customer entirely, you will not be able to process refunds for them and their invoices will be removed from the sales tab. Many reports in the platform will no longer include any data for this user. For this reason, we recommend deleting a customer only after all other options have been exhausted.

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