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How Does the Checkout Redirect Work?
How Does the Checkout Redirect Work?

How does Uscreen decide where to send an end-user after they make a purchase?

Updated over a week ago

If you've run a test transaction through your storefront, you'll notice that you're redirected at the end of your purchase after 5 seconds. These 5 seconds give us some time to run any snippets you might have added on the purchase page and some time for the user to see the purchase confirmation page.

After the 5 seconds have elapsed there is some logic that determines where you're sent at the end:

  • If you've made a purchase from the join page you'll be sent to the catalog page.

  • If you've made a purchase from a video (including one in a bundle), live event, or collection you'll be sent back to that particular piece of content.

To do this redirect we use cookies to check your last viewed piece of content. So if you're testing things out and clicking around on multiple videos and go directly to the purchase page you might be redirected to an unexpected piece of content after making the purchase. You can clear your browser cache and try testing again. You can also use an incognito browser to test this workflow.

Unless your end-users are navigating directly to a checkout page (such as via a private link) and do not follow the normal Catalog workflow of clicking on Get Access, they should be redirected as mentioned above.

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