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Platform requirements and considerations for mobile app icons and names.

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Your app icon is the visual representation of your app. It should look clear and compelling, even at a small size. This icon is visible in app stores and device home screens.

Mobile Apps

Image Requirements:

  • 1024x1024px JPEG or PNG file

  • No rounded corners

  • Looks good when cropped as a circle

  • Can have a solid or transparent background

Mobile app icon

Icon Reshaping

Different app stores and devices will alter your icon's shape. Some Android devices will even display app icons as a circle. Please ensure your logo will be fully visible when your icon is reshaped.

Mobile Icon Examples

iOS Home Screen Apple App Store

TV Apps

Image Requirements:

  • 1280x768px JPEG or PNG file

  • Solid background

  • Need to display the app name (required for Android TV)

TV App Icon

TV Icon Examples

Apple TV

Android & Fire TV


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